Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baconless Vacations.

It took me until the flight home to realize we hadn't had any bacon on our little trip to Cape Cod, and another 12 hours to realize that we, in fact, had had bacon during this trip.

Anyways, I love the title, so I'm going to work with it. Not having bacon on a vacation would be the worst thing ever. It'd be like going on vacation on Cape Cod and not going on the beach, which could have happened. Bacon is just the treat you want with your pancakes and coffee in the morning, while overlooking a garden, or waves crashing on the beach. Bacon brings people together, even if just for a moment. I think you could forge treaties over a pile of bacon.

Let's step back. Shelby and I went to my homeland, Cape Cod. It's the little arm shaped peninsula, in Massachusetts, that juts out into the atlantic grasping on to the only warm water north of Virginia. I spent 20 years of my life there until I up and moved to Utah for no reason. But that's a different tale. Shelby and I piled into a jet and flew to Boston and got to sleep the first day at 3am, which was AWESOME.

Then it rained. For 2 days. So we sat, on the couch, staring out the window, tears streaming down our faces as we imagined a sunny day at the beach. We did a few trips out to see the sights, and do some shopping in the rain.

The rest of the week was mostly sunny and included boat rides, beach days, farmers markets, lobster, chowdah and relaxing. For the most part.

Shelby is such a trooper. I hadn't been home in 7 months and people constantly wanted to see me, meet the strange blonde girl I had by my side (Though they all knew who she was through instagram and facebook). I was used to seeing so many people whenever I'm on the cape, I never stopped to think about a stranger in a strange land meeting so many strange people. I think it all came to a crescendo on Friday night, when a huge batch of the family came over for a cookout, and Shelby got to see first hand how "crazy" my family is. But she powered through it, which made it see to me that she had no problem jumping in the pack. It wasn't til about noon on Sunday when I realized how exhausted she was from meeting 20 million people. It was really hard to see her dealing with that, so we took the last night off, went and had a date night.

So always have bacon on your vacation, don't worry about diets and veganism, just eat Bacon.

- Z

More Pictures.

Mary liked grass.
The Parental Units on the boat.

My Brother and I with Ice Cream.
The Amigos met again, sans one Amigo.
The Long Flight Home.

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