Sunday, August 16, 2015

I really like AC.

It's been a while everyone. I always seem to start a blog post, but just push it away into the annex of "drafts" and never look at it ever again.

The reason Shelby and I started this blog was to push our communication borders and be able to share our individual and unique thoughts on situations. But I enjoy creating my posts on Lawn Care, and Cat Care too much. And I think I need to do more of them, so expect some random ramblings about air conditioning in the future.

I think Shelby and I will update this more once we live together and get bored of each other...

Lawn Updates:
I killed my lawn at the beginning of the summer. Remember all that lawn care info? Psh, neither did I. Sooooo... I decided to not water my lawn a lot, and all of a sudden I had a barren wasteland for a backyard, complete with sand dunes and a bull skull. I finally brought it back to life just recently. But there are patches to remind my of my wild and crazy days of water conservation.

Water conservation is an odd thing. The drought that's been occurring in California over the past few years has really made me think about it. When we planted our garden in the spring, it rained a lot for a good month, and I was always gathering the rain off my roof in buckets to use to water the plants. It worked for a while, even with my terrible watering can that I had, and until I bought a longer hose and spray attachment, I felt very accomplished as a water conservationist. Once it started getting hot, I figured I wouldn't have to water my lawn much because I let it grow long and didn't want to waste gallons of water keeping it looking nice.

I was wrong... After a few weeks of not watering, the dead patches started taking over. My neighbor even asked Shelby if everything was all right, since a dead lawn apparently means something. So I started watering it every 2 days, and it's back to its former glory. So why did I switch? I think it's because of the thought that always cuts through any water conserving argument. The amount of water residents use in the state, is nothing compared to amount of water the agriculture in my state uses. Me watering my small lawn is not even a literal drop in the bucket compared to the other numbers being thrown around. So in my little brain, I consider watering my lawn 3 times a week just to maintain an semblance of health, is worth it. I don't have the time or money to turn my yard into a Utah Desert landscaped yard, nor do I want to!

I guess I'm a part of the problem with water usage, even if I'm conscious of my problem. But until I'm able to live in my own house, and set up automated moisture sensors in my lawn, and rain delays to conserve and only water when the lawn needs it. I'm just going to have to water my lawn, make it look nice, and conserve water in other ways.

Cat Updates:
Atticus is huge. No doubt about that. I just saw my blog from last year of when we got him, just about a year ago. He still gets poopy-foot, which is a blast, but he's the laziest and cutest cat in the world.

July 2015
September 2014
July 2015 He is really cute though..

I also built a patio for Shelby while she went on a work trip.

And that's the latest on the fan's of air conditioning.