Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So It Begins..

Why does one start a blog? 
To brag, confess, complain, and gain attention. 

That's so last decade, a time when the internet was still kinda young, and people just wanted everyone to know about their lives. Now we have the tweet perch or Faceplant to get all of your 600 closest friends the chance to hear what you're feeling at this moment, or eating. But how about two cool cats starting a blog, just to grow closer to one another. Two fine looking felines who can sometimes put things together better on paper than in words, especially when those words have to be strung together in tight fancy sentences vocalized by our oddly shaped mouths.

Writing is so much easier. I spent like 5 minutes writing that last paragraph. If I had to form those beautiful words in tandem out loud, I would have only been able to spend 30 seconds thinking that on the fly, 1 minute tops.

But here we are, I've given Shelby 20 names for the blog to choose from, she narrowed it down to 3. Her and I kept coming back to this name, mostly because it was so random, and included the word Rambling, which is exactly what we plan to do here. Ramble on questions we find online, in books, on paper. Questions that can delve deeper into our lives that we know it. Questions that might provoke some controversy, tickle fights, or settling our differences over coffee. Whatever the blogs might be, you'll be sickened by the amount of love we'll share for each other on this blog. So barf bags ready, cause this blog thing is going to take off, just like the prices for beanie babies in mint condition.



  1. You guys are gross I hate you. But no I don't.

    Also this is well written and lovely :) Can't wait for more.

    1. I'm sorry you've probably thrown up a few times reading this. It's going to get worse..